Rain with PR Soldiers @ Seoul National Cemetery

23 Jun

Rain with PR Soldiers @ Seoul National Cemetery

Sponsored by military radio Friends FM 96.7, June 22.

(Images: DC / BNT News / Naver / Yonhap News)

oh i love see him smile and very sweet here he always give a chore of what need to bee done that why he so humble and reward what he honor to be in their place he truly inspire and world DISPLAY thank this he always ease me ahahahah i can;t wait to see more of Rain yet he back the broad Shoulder are wide and SEXY i would want to hug and grap him under me ekekek

[06-22] Rain poster

Rain, Yoo Gun, and their fellow soldiers at the Radienteering Competition Event at Seoul National Cemetery.

well ya…. i know some peoples will get tried hear same song all over the place which he said on other concert that they will have performance all over ekekeek as for the song the HIP SONG” & It’s Raining i have no doubt about listing same over and over Rain been have this live concert and over his tour is not like u hearing him 365 day in a years right no OFFENSE….. just that this song he pic it good enough to give u hears a boost so i love it and i never get tried hearing Rain sing same song !! the man is king of singer ya…. give him a PRO…

[06-22] 12-06-22 Friends FM – Radienteering Competition event

oh gosh i love this poster too it would be nice if this are a romantic poster new Movies set for us to see yea…. that look just so priceless

[06-23] Rain with Baegka

source : Adelaide Napitupulu fb

friendship reunion ahahahahah

[06-23] 12-06-23 Rain @ Military Music Festival

https://twitter.com/mongshari/st … 07746/photo/1/large

thank share is that B&W T_net he wearing

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