this site all about him & MBLAQ member Idol Group of his Boy i will post his update fanvid , fancam, new and ect… so please drop and thank u for being FANS & clouds of Rain and SUPPORTING all u heart !!

hi again Corpl. Jung JiHoon…..this is strange for me because i never write 2 days in a row but, i wanted to share this news with u. maybe u know already because as i listen to u on ur show it seems u r always up to date on entertainment. anyway, i just saw advertisement for Mr. Richard Gere’s new movie “Arbitrage” which also stars ur friend Ms. Susan Sanrandon…..the film as already great reviews by Rolling Stone mag, New York Post and others. seeing it and remembering the pic u shared with Cloud last year of Mr. Gere and yourself just brought back memories and a few questions (i bet u know what they are, right?)….{:D just wanted to share that with u Rain. just watched ur last 2 performances, kekeke BRAVO!!! sending u HUGS and {:D from the USA….#WatingforRain

Rain to Have Project With Richard Gere in Three Years

Rain revealed a photo of him that showed his meeting Richard Gere. (Yep, that Richard Gere!)

On his twitter for August 5th, Rain wrote, “I am so happy. I can’t describe it in words. I received an offer to work on a big project. So I met him. Please anticipate the project that will occur after three years. With Mr. Richard.”

In the picture, Rain is smiling with Richard Gere.

Netizens have commented, “Wow that is great,” “I will anticipate three years later,” “you are a true world star,” “Congratulations, you must be so happy.”

Rain will enter his obligatory military service at the end of this year. On August 13th and 14th he will hold concerts in Busan. After the Busan concert he will hold a concert in Daegu (August 27th), Jeju (September 3rd), Gwangju (September 17th), Daejeon (September 18th), and in Seoul on September 24th and September 25th. Also, Rain is currently filming a movie. “Flight: Close to the Sun,” featuring Rain and Shin Se Kyung, is an action blockbuster about a flight lieutenant on the Korean Air Force


also curious what heckjing of rain in this poll or not my question is they tense to use all again other artist POLL voting as is regardless and when they did add his name in poll it always seen to native voting for him i am not to sure they cheating or fan did have enough access voting or some not voting but i word is rain been an ENTERTAINMENT for LONG enough to known well he is BIG entertainer give thousand fans concert performance and even do many CF MV ect… all over Asia enough to count him the most BEST KOREAN of sensational all Intentional are DIFFIDENTLY deafening by him i see in they warn heart and excited watching on stage so he deserved all that matter he always be number 1 to me and MBLAQ as well they give many taste of talent to their NATIONAL fan and hit a CHART many time with hard work and all they did is make their fan be PROUD and happy and enjoy it the boy even sick hurt and some been away for that as well so as my knowledge they 2 IDOL deserved more enough to BLOW U MIND right!!so both ALWAYS IN MY book AND THEY ARE TRULY AMAZING no doubt sorry if i said anything offense somebody here but i just speak the true what i see and hear !!

Rain @ Express Bus Terminal

PLEASE TAKE NOT that this not BROMANCE & skinship. In Korea, same sex skinship is totally normal. I

English translation]
credit : 화니
오빠의 뒷모습 ㅜ0ㅠ 화장실 갔다 오다가 헉!!!
웅ㅋㅋㅋ 오빠 고속버스에서 내림옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋ스케일이 커짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋWhen I went to the ladies’ room and came back, oops!! I luckily saw oppa (Rain) walking away ㅜ0ㅠ..Oh kekeke..
I found out he got off an express bus. kekekeke..
I got bolder than before..kekekeke..
관계자(??) 아저씨의 나쁜 손 ^^;;
The evil-disposed hand of an official (??) (who was trying to touch his behind) ^^;;
it’s BROMANCE & skinship. In Korea, same sex skinship is totally normal. I think many international fans tend to misunderstand what really is normal in Korea. Platonic closeness isn’t just restricted to women. K-men can also be closer in their personal relations than most Western males. Men holding hands in Western countries are unacceptable. In some of other countries it’s not uncommon to see both boys holding hands. To a foreigner, at first this candid closeness can seem a little strange. Don’t misread what’s going on what you see, because it doesn’t mean that these men holding hands are gay. In Korea & other Chinese communities two grown men holding hands will almost always have nothing to do with homosexuality. Men holding hands in Korea is acceptable. A K-man can hold hands with a male friend without having any concerns that such behaviour might in some way weaken him in the eyes of other men. In Korea, by holding hands with a friend they wouldn’t just improve one friendship, they’d become more social, more connected individuals and more comfortable about who they are as men. It’s pretty common for Koreans of the same sex to stand close together when talking or walking. But take note that on the other hand, Koreans aren’t too comfortable yet with PDAs (public displays of affection) between men and women.
not only among S. Koreans but among most Eastern countries men kissing each other on both cheeks, walking down the street holding hands they just don’t have the same concept of maleness.  and i like seeing men being able to express platonic feelings with each other.  so far it seems to me that the majority of Eastern ways are totalling opposite to Western ways and thinking on many levels the 2 cultures have stark differences.
Holding hands in Korea means like pure friendship to anyone as long as both agree to be like pure friends, showing pure kindness sometimes to stranger who is in need ,and good to see them they are good friends regardless age,sex,or social status,but has to be whole hands holding,and if holding with crossing fingers,then mostly they are intimate as lover,and careful if somebody showing too friendly without pure frienship in his/her mind, probably something bad in his/her mind to take advantage of you
Hugging as greeting will make good,and kissing on lips in public as adult [not talking about innocent parent/child ]  almost everyone may stare on scene as curiosity because kissing in public seems acceting gradually positively in Korea now,and they may judge/talk/accept as good or bad depending how they see them at time
As long as pure/beauiful/good intention,people will smile

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