[09-28] 12-09-28 Consolatory Train guest stars (04 Oct)

2 Oct

[09-28] 12-09-28 Consolatory Train guest stars (04 Oct)

INFO by willenette

according to reports, he’s on rehabilitation & resting. Maybe it means out of the hospital already. But, this is for sure – he’s outside the camp – Military grants those soldiers an “emergency vacation” right after hospitalization. To give them time to be with the family & loved-ones to recover & to be at the comfort of their own homes. So, RAIN had an “automatic” day-off during Chuseok Holiday.


This consolatory train concert is to celebrate the 58th Baekjae Culture Festival, will be held in Buyeo’s Guderae at 6:30pm, and aside from RAIN to perform KCM & Untouchable, etc. will also be there. (the usual group-) Wait & see if RAIN can make it…..

Rain’s The Best Show 3D Movie Now Playing in Singapore

laying in Singapore

Singaporet KPop Cinema’s Rain The Best Show 3D has opened in Singapore?  premiere event was held on September 21.  You can purchase your movie tickets HERE.

Here are the two trailers, both courtesy of Encore Films. HERE.

Sources:  News tip  – redmosQto, News/Photos/Video – Encore Films’ Facebook Page 

SOAR INTO THE SUN -[trailers] in Malaysia and Singapore October 1

(screen caps courtesy of Rain Angel)

09-29] 12-09-29 KFN TV – Rain @ Be the Star audition

Rain, Park HyoShin, and KCM on the Be The Star judging

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