Rain-Jihoon Notice]We attach the revised applicant list

21 Oct

Rain-Jihoon Notice]We attach the revised applicant list

12-10-21 [Rain-Jihoon Notice]We attach the revised applicant list for the Rain DVD order& Notice on Paypal payment

Notice on Paypal payment:

We have been receiving paypal payments.   However many have not chosen to pay for the paypal handling fees.

As a result, fees have been deducted from your paypal payment and we did not receive the full amount.

Please note we need to receive the full amount from you, that is the DVD cost and the delivery charge, without any deduction.

When you make your payment via paypal, please make sure that you select to pay for all the fees/charges, including credit card fees.

For those who have already paid, we will contact you individually to let you know the shortfall amount.

Please pay up asap and make sure again to select that you will pay for all handling charges.

Delivery can only be made after we have verified that the full amount has been received.

Paypal 付款者請注意:

我們陸續收到 Paypal 付款。但是很多人沒有選擇支付 paypal 收取的手續費。

導致 paypal 從匯款中扣除手續費後,我們收不足全額。
請注意我們需要收取全額的DVD 價格+派送運費,不包括任何扣除費用。大

家用 paypal 付款時,務必選擇自己承擔所有 paypal 手續費,包括信用卡手續費。


source : http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice … No=429&bSeq=647

Hi, this is Rainy Entertainment

We attach the revised applicant list for the Rain DVD order
Please confirm your application and hopefully there isn’t anymore mistake.


Rain Solider Look

17 Oct

he just one STUNNING SOLIDER of the brother Hook really i could found anybody can breath taking like him even the way he walk so SEXY seductive TO WHERE my eye zoom in ahahahh love that Solider check ekekeke his uniform STAND so good on him DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want took home with me :)

Hand of Beauty

he got the most beauty pause hand and warn looking i never forget that moment shaking hand with him ever it BLESS unforgettable moment i ever have either thank so much rain … Rain rarely does lip-sync…EXACTLY …. and not to mention Rain rarely does “lip-sync” but he apparently singsong VOICE and sing to his own lyric that why he so {perfectionism when he is choreographer himself i very love him coz he did this thing as perfect and professional who are TRUE SINGER & ACTOR as actor he did a of himself as a STUN too that why he such HARD-WORKER i love ~


17 Oct


Credit @zzang523 @ twitter
 [Rain -Jihoon Notice][English Notice] RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD
Hi, this is Rainy Entertainment.Below is related information on questions regarding RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD , overseas purchase applications and payment details.[RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD related enquires]
1. DVD selling date: scheduled 2012.10. 19 (Friday)
2. Country, Quantity, Delivery Charge, Lead Time — please refer to attached table for information.[RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD overseas application name list and payment method]

– Overseas application name list (86 applicants)

Payment INFO
Payment period: 2012.10.15 – 10.26
– DVD price: US$73 + Delivery Charge (delivery charge by country and quantity)
– Payment information: Payment by PayPal to rainyent.cloud@gmail.com

Delivery will be made as quickly as possible once payment is confirmed.
Thank you.
source : http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice_view.php?page=1&No=428&bSeq=646

the shipping and handling  is $47 IF YOU ONLY ODER 1 DVD.
if u place the order for (2) DVDs….then the shipping and handling is $61.
if u send $207 by paypal for 2 DVD, that takes care of the DVD COST and the SHIPPING AND HANDLY.  plus that is cheaper for both of us because we only have to pay $$30.50 ea. for shipping and handling instead of each one of us paying $47 a piece.

the total amount you should send is $207.00 for 2 DVD.  (that is $146. (2DVD) + $61 s&h = $207. total)


Overseas purchase application

scheduled release date will be on October 19 so, delivery will be made as quickly as possible once payment is confirmed. Anyway, RainEnt. will send confirmation of payment once they received it. Price : US$73 + Delivery Charge (the delivery charge is by country and quantity of your order).  Payment period (for overseas) starts from October 15-26, 2012 only.
Rain -Jihoon Notice][English Notice] RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD

i just sent my payment to rainyent.cloud@gmail.com
the quality i get was 2 i get info by here u have to sent your APPLICATION INFO to Rainy enter  Quality u want then if u have PayPal account u submit the payment how much u want to get this DVD it depend what country are located from i am from USA i have to get this Right away  i can get my done set to goes i just sent to
Sent to: Hyun Young Choi
i got the  Transaction ID ………
from PayPal just need Rainy enter confirm me and let me know they sent out that all hopefully fast it might took 2-4 week !!

here the Application to sent to
applications and payment details.

[RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD related enquires]
1. DVD selling date: scheduled 2012.10. 19 (Friday)
2. Country, Quantity, Delivery Charge, Lead Time — please refer to attached table for information.

[RAIN THE BEST SHOW DVD overseas application name list and payment method]
– Overseas application name list (86 applicants)
http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice … No=428&bSeq=646

i just awawawaw I JUST send my payment to Rainy enter today by PayPal hopefully they give me conformation  and sent out to me i can’t wait to get this

[10-17] 12-10-17 Friends FM – RaioJumam _Edit Rain part

17 Oct

Credit : ratoka

he making me laugh too when ever he laugh such a smooth and funny rain ekekekekek

[10-17] 121017 mma9090 tweet about Rain

121017 mma9090 tweet about Rain
source mma9090 twitter
Cultural Festival for Military Recruits…..Thanks ratoka for sharing the info dear.  This is an event done by the Korean government to help welcome new draftees and to express thanks to their families. The festival is usually held every year looking forward to fancams…i love to see all those Army recruits interact with Corpl. Jung JiHoon.   if i was one of their parents, Rain is one of his example to present them and yet their parent’s must so happy see their child their on stage i just hope Rain sister & Hana and his Dad their for him to see him also however he is one of the most inspiration in Army S& SEOUL… what an honor Solider he is deserved

[10-17] 12-10-17 KFN TV – Rain @ Consolatory Train

this was when he BACK from hospital and he give his move how he normal did all his famous song dance but also yet same time fan catch a a pic like deviance of Rain Back Pain still hurt so that the time when we sent his letter and ect told him to be careful and not to hard on himself esp his recovery so after he read letter from CLOUDS& FANS concern he instead choice BALLAD SONG sing love song INSTEAD I ENVY WHAT HE DID but i just hope he can make through this recover fast  a.a.a.  i know right me too a.a.a. and i miss his HIP SONG & IT’S RAINING as well

12-10-08 Rain @ Empathy Concert For National Security

10 Oct

Credit Photo by lim Yeongsik  Demaclub.tistory.com

CR by drighk

Love Song

[09-28] 12-09-28 Consolatory Train guest stars (04 Oct)

2 Oct

[09-28] 12-09-28 Consolatory Train guest stars (04 Oct)

INFO by willenette

according to reports, he’s on rehabilitation & resting. Maybe it means out of the hospital already. But, this is for sure – he’s outside the camp – Military grants those soldiers an “emergency vacation” right after hospitalization. To give them time to be with the family & loved-ones to recover & to be at the comfort of their own homes. So, RAIN had an “automatic” day-off during Chuseok Holiday.


This consolatory train concert is to celebrate the 58th Baekjae Culture Festival, will be held in Buyeo’s Guderae at 6:30pm, and aside from RAIN to perform KCM & Untouchable, etc. will also be there. (the usual group-) Wait & see if RAIN can make it…..

Rain’s The Best Show 3D Movie Now Playing in Singapore

laying in Singapore

Singaporet KPop Cinema’s Rain The Best Show 3D has opened in Singapore?  premiere event was held on September 21.  You can purchase your movie tickets HERE.

Here are the two trailers, both courtesy of Encore Films. HERE.

Sources:  News tip  – redmosQto, News/Photos/Video – Encore Films’ Facebook Page 

SOAR INTO THE SUN -[trailers] in Malaysia and Singapore October 1

(screen caps courtesy of Rain Angel)

09-29] 12-09-29 KFN TV – Rain @ Be the Star audition

Rain, Park HyoShin, and KCM on the Be The Star judging

[Poll] Which Celebrity Soldier Do You Miss the Most?

28 Sep

eNewsWorld 9/25/2012 — by Nancy Lee, CJ E&M

So long as you’re a healthy, male citizen of Korea, no one can escape the country’s two-year mandatory military service—not even celebrities.

And while we dread sending our favorite stars off to the army, it’s more reason to be proud of the men who have represented the best of Korea.

Following the announcements earlier today that Super Junior’s Leeteuk and 8eight’s Lee Hyun would be enlisting in the army next month, we were reminded of the celebrities currently doing Korea proud as brave soldiers.

So, for this week’s poll, we want to know which buzzed and brave celebrity soldier do you miss the most?

Rain has proved his talents as a singer and actor through various hit songs as well as dramas and films in Korea and abroad, but if he ever decides the world star thing isn’t for him, he has other options.  We know it takes a more than a few tests to become a pilot, but if Rain’s scores are any indication, the singer and actor, who played a pilot in film R2B: Return to Base, is certainly already ahead of the game.
Although Rain was unable to participate in the film’s promotions due to his service, he made sure to show face in the best way—unexpectedly.

Superstar? Superhero? Sometimes, even we’re not sure what to call the ace singer, actor and, now, soldier.

fb=  http://www.facebook.com/questions/446537415384621/?qa_ref=ssp   HERE.—————————–as for i would be RAIN …………… and of curse it him LOL….
i been miss him in beginning he enter ARMY since……….. but i am also very proud WHAT he done to his country and ARMY SOLIDER too who honor to became corporal Ji Hoon and yet who are give it all his skill and learning and performance he down to earth i could think anybody beside rain ahahahahahah yup i did !! matter i even miss more coz he sacrifice in Army many thing and time been hurt been pain and been he actually deserved then what it s !!