You can cheat on me for two years

25 Sep
AsiaOne Showbiz 9/22/2012
by Tan Key Yun, The New Paper
THE BEST SHOW in Seoul last September 2011
 K-pop superstar Rain wowing fans on stage at his last concert before his army enlistment in Seoul last September.
By Tan Kee Yun
The New Paper
Saturday, Sep 22, 2012

Any act of betrayal is traumatic, hurtful and emotionally draining. But K-pop superstar Rain, who is going through the South Korean equivalent of national service, has magnanimously given his legions of supporters the go-ahead to fall in love with other idols during his temporary hiatus from showbiz. I will let you cheat on me during these two years,” the boyish-faced 30-year-old singer-actor told his Singapore fans, in an interview transcript provided by Celestial Movies Just make sure you come back to me when I’m back from the army.” Rain is widely recognised as one of South Korea’s most successful and all-rounded entertainers. He had sold-out concerts in 2006 at New York’s Madison Square Garden and roles in Hollywood action flicks Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009), and he was at the peak of his career when the call to serve the nation came.He donned the green uniform last October and is now in the midst of completing his 21-month national service, which is compulsory for all South Korean men. This was his first interview with local media since his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in May 2011 Fans who are curious and worried as to whether their beloved poster boy is adjusting well to the regimented, rigorous life of a full-time soldier, can be reassured that he is doing more than just fine, Rain said. Serving the army is my solemn responsibility and it is my honour to be able to become part of the military,” he said.”I always get to experience new stuff and I’m happy when I manage to overcome challenges.”My life as a singer, from 2002 up to the moment I started military service, is Act 1. Army life is Act 2… I look forward to Act 3 of my life when I am discharged.” The heart-throb who is known for his nifty footwork and jaw-dropping six-pack abs has definitely not been lazying about as part of South Korea’s military personnel.


nope !!!!!!!!
rain i won’t cheating on you …..awawawawaw …………… IS THAT CUTE…………what A precious Moment READING THIS !! ekekeke well. be honset i not the only one have rain in mind LOL…. i also like Jay Chou Jacke chan Peter Ho, Lamond,

“I always get to experience new stuff and I’m happy when I manage to overcome challenges.
———ahahahah LOVE WHAT HE say…. IT THE TRUE !!!!!!!!!! that is him and is him!! who would know how challenge he can be this man strong and well be succeed what he do he excel everything he what can’t he do uh? amazing he is :)

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