[25-Sep-12][Newsen]A military source, “Rain’s back trouble requires surgery.”

25 Sep

A military source said about how singer Rain’s lower back is on SBS TV’s morning show program “Good Morning” aired on September 25th.
According to doctors, Rain’s back trouble requires surgery. In the case of those who have some back pain, they can walk as much as healthy people. The back doesn’t hurt when they move, but it hurts when they are lying on their back or standing. Rain is in the same situation.” An official from Rain’s agency said, “Rain’s got a bad back because he is a singer and dancer, but he has never had such a severe back trouble.”
Since he was hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment, singer Rain was absent for a military event as previously planned. The military source added, “We can’t tell you anything here and now before he gets a thorough medical checkup. Right now, it is uncertain whether he’ll be invalided out of the army.”


12-09-25 [rain-jihoon Notice]Rain has no difficulty at all in serving in the army

Hello this is Rainy Entertainment.

The daily temperature range is getting severe and it is easy to catch a flu. Are you all keeping well?
The weather will soon get chilly so please take good care of your health.In just a couple of days there have been misleading rumours about Rain, Jung Jihoon’s health problem, which surprised many people. We therefore want to put out this notice.Rain suffered from back pain before he joined the army, when he carried out his various activities, and had been receiving treatment steadily.It is just chronic back pain. His military duty is not affected at all. Therefore there is absolutely no such thing as early discharge due to family circumstances. He will continue to carry out his duties and he wants to complete his military service until the end with a smart look, even if he breaks his back.

Thank you for your concern. Rain will faithfully fulfil his duties.

source: http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice_view.php?page=1&No=425&bSeq=643

THANK U FOR CONFIRM ABOUT THIS !! i am happy he been in good treatment and rest well and nothing serious about that either and thank let us know about rumor spread all over it crazy how they did get real article spread such think really

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