GET WELL SOON ~Hold On to Your ~Spirit

27 Sep

GET WELL SOON ~Hold On to Your ~Spirit
Message to Rain !! Sep 27 /12
CORPRAL JI HOON … How r u doing today ??have u pain get better i hope so …CLOUD & FANS still thinking about you and PRAYING for Fast Recovery we all love u and care of bottom out heart to u Rain i hope u body get a lot better and REST well we know it hard nothing see you any new from pass 2 day now i will always keep u in praying and heart we care of u and everybody care of too i hope DEMA  not PUSH u to much working they should know now about your back and let u took it easy.  so please get well soon i miss your SMILE & LAUGH and all the funny u bring out to share us make all us smile and u ekekek i know we love to see u shine and happy that what  cloud are for right we love all out HEART .. the Promise of cloud and you well be together no matter where or what happen we are together and only rain can make us feel better so please stay STRONG for us !! love you so muchCORPL. JUNG JI HOON. took care ok !!I HOPE U GUY LIKE THIS ONE !! enjoy everybody!’

Thank to JJ for give me head-up message to Rain…..New fanvid this vid TRIBUTE for Rain been absent and recovery for his back pain sent him Beautiful TOUCHING message fanvid i make for Rain please enjoy and drop by leave a comment u flet like to leave Rain message thank….Pleases show Rain HEART & SUPPORT HOLD ON …  We are sent this to let your know we think of you each day, And pray for your recovery hoping soon you’ll be okay You’re are going throw a lot right now’ Hold on to your great positive spirit, JiHoon. And when thing get hard to bear…know that we are here for you. Remember that we care so much. We beloved in you, you can do this and we will hoping for your Healthy & Wealth .. WE MISS YOU as raining is falling from cloud that make us together … ^_~

credit From Perú:
image pic Jung JiHoon, our heart is with you all the time ♥

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