[Poll] Which Celebrity Soldier Do You Miss the Most?

28 Sep

eNewsWorld 9/25/2012 — by Nancy Lee, CJ E&M

So long as you’re a healthy, male citizen of Korea, no one can escape the country’s two-year mandatory military service—not even celebrities.

And while we dread sending our favorite stars off to the army, it’s more reason to be proud of the men who have represented the best of Korea.

Following the announcements earlier today that Super Junior’s Leeteuk and 8eight’s Lee Hyun would be enlisting in the army next month, we were reminded of the celebrities currently doing Korea proud as brave soldiers.

So, for this week’s poll, we want to know which buzzed and brave celebrity soldier do you miss the most?

Rain has proved his talents as a singer and actor through various hit songs as well as dramas and films in Korea and abroad, but if he ever decides the world star thing isn’t for him, he has other options.  We know it takes a more than a few tests to become a pilot, but if Rain’s scores are any indication, the singer and actor, who played a pilot in film R2B: Return to Base, is certainly already ahead of the game.
Although Rain was unable to participate in the film’s promotions due to his service, he made sure to show face in the best way—unexpectedly.

Superstar? Superhero? Sometimes, even we’re not sure what to call the ace singer, actor and, now, soldier.

fb=  http://www.facebook.com/questions/446537415384621/?qa_ref=ssp   HERE.—————————–as for i would be RAIN …………… and of curse it him LOL….
i been miss him in beginning he enter ARMY since……….. but i am also very proud WHAT he done to his country and ARMY SOLIDER too who honor to became corporal Ji Hoon and yet who are give it all his skill and learning and performance he down to earth i could think anybody beside rain ahahahahahah yup i did !! matter i even miss more coz he sacrifice in Army many thing and time been hurt been pain and been he actually deserved then what it s !!

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