Rain Solider Look

17 Oct

he just one STUNNING SOLIDER of the brother Hook really i could found anybody can breath taking like him even the way he walk so SEXY seductive TO WHERE my eye zoom in ahahahh love that Solider check ekekeke his uniform STAND so good on him DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want took home with me :)

Hand of Beauty

he got the most beauty pause hand and warn looking i never forget that moment shaking hand with him ever it BLESS unforgettable moment i ever have either thank so much rain … Rain rarely does lip-sync…EXACTLY …. and not to mention Rain rarely does “lip-sync” but he apparently singsong VOICE and sing to his own lyric that why he so {perfectionism when he is choreographer himself i very love him coz he did this thing as perfect and professional who are TRUE SINGER & ACTOR as actor he did a of himself as a STUN too that why he such HARD-WORKER i love ~

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