[10-17] 12-10-17 Friends FM – RaioJumam _Edit Rain part

17 Oct

Credit : ratoka

he making me laugh too when ever he laugh such a smooth and funny rain ekekekekek

[10-17] 121017 mma9090 tweet about Rain

121017 mma9090 tweet about Rain
source mma9090 twitter
Cultural Festival for Military Recruits…..Thanks ratoka for sharing the info dear.  This is an event done by the Korean government to help welcome new draftees and to express thanks to their families. The festival is usually held every year looking forward to fancams…i love to see all those Army recruits interact with Corpl. Jung JiHoon.   if i was one of their parents, Rain is one of his example to present them and yet their parent’s must so happy see their child their on stage i just hope Rain sister & Hana and his Dad their for him to see him also however he is one of the most inspiration in Army S& SEOUL… what an honor Solider he is deserved

[10-17] 12-10-17 KFN TV – Rain @ Consolatory Train

this was when he BACK from hospital and he give his move how he normal did all his famous song dance but also yet same time fan catch a a pic like deviance of Rain Back Pain still hurt so that the time when we sent his letter and ect told him to be careful and not to hard on himself esp his recovery so after he read letter from CLOUDS& FANS concern he instead choice BALLAD SONG sing love song INSTEAD I ENVY WHAT HE DID but i just hope he can make through this recover fast  a.a.a.  i know right me too a.a.a. and i miss his HIP SONG & IT’S RAINING as well

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