Rain pays his respects with fellow soldiers Rain pays his respects with fellow soldiers at Seoul’s National Cemetery

26 Jun

Rain pays his respects with fellow soldiers

Rain pays his respects with fellow soldiers at Seoul’s National Cemetery

On June 25th, SBS‘s ‘Good Morning’, hosted by Park Eun Kyung, Kim Hwan, and Jo Hyung Gi, broadcasted a military event that took place on the 22nd, when Rain and his fellow “entertainment soldiers” visited Seoul’s National Cemetery. On this day, private first class and soon to be corporal, Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), soldier Park Hyo Shin, and soldier Lim Joo Han held an open conference at Seoul’s National Cemetery before proceeding to pay their respects to the deceased patriots and national heroes of South Korea. Rain and his fellow soldiers are a part of a particular force within the military known as the “entertainment soldiers.” Their duty, as their title suggests, is to entertain military units across the country by holding concerts and hosting TV as well as radio programs. As the DJ of the Korean Forces Network (KFN), Rain led the live broadcast of KFN’s radio program at Seoul’s National Cemetery. It is said that, without a mistake, the singer was able to expertly carry out the honors, showcasing his capabilities as an entertainment soldier. Fans who watched the broadcast commented, “After going to the military, Rain has become even more awesome,” “Rain has earned the trust [of the military],” and “It’s nice to see him after such a long time.”

Source: TV Report via Naver



[06-26] 12-06-26 R2B: Return to Base event

source : r2b_2012 twitter http://twitpic.com/a0kut2

Rain ~Eng Sub~[MV]~HAPPY 31 BIRTHDAY’S~U So Special~

credit cloudUSA

ew fanmade Tribute HAPPY 31th BIRTHDAY~ You So Special to all all over the WORLD fans and all GLOBE that every time year come and Wish u everything Stay Happy and stay BLESS & Celebrating you Beloved Bleated Birthday Rain we wish u SUCCEED every thing and do and wish u best of Healthy and Strong for us we never let u down u always in our heart and Soul… Wish u Dream come True and more SHINING to this world please enjoy this SPECIAL moment of Rain Birthday HUG~ ..^_~

Rain (BI) ~MV~Happy Brithday’s Cloud Rainskie~Treasure

NOTE: this was making for my friend from FB it her request by Rainskie so i just going to share u all here i hope u understand i did want to DOUBLE my fanvid but of curse it one time of the years u celebartion your Birthday right so i make it for everybody and friend as they want me too please do enjoy it i know most of u see all different kind fanvid have make by fans & cloud all over so nothing new ahahahah
Edit  & Credit BiRain725 & Credit FB Cloud  Rainskie & Other Credit from all  FB fan art edit  BF … 2 Vid ~Rain HAPPY 31th  BIRTHDAY’S  fanvid …please do enjoy all the fan art from fan & cloud put effort to this pic and the song from Rain sing ‘Treasure’ i use this song coz it mean a lot for him who are accomplish many file and always do extra mile for his supporting and wiling to be done by wh9o honor for what this song mean !!….Thank you for sacrificed your Bi/Rain. I will always support you till the end. Your 30 & 31 in USA just begin so enjoy it and I will look forward for COMPLISH..SUCCEED and stay healthy and wealth for us . we always love u please have wonderful Birthday with love one and many gift to and wish Come true Wish load Love joy and many fun out there ….MUCK!


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