[06-21] 12-06-21 Rain @ Newspaper

21 Jun

[06-21] 12-06-21 Rain @ Newspaper

source http://photozou.jp/photo/photo_only/585299/140112716

he sure POPULAR even he took over the Military this MASTER it all the new could resist him image ahahahahah  that how it been World-Star  let it Rain all over Rain that our Rain ekekeke bravoooooooooo !!

[06-21] ‘R2B: Return To Base’ ad on bus


whaoooooooooooooo on the bus already better watch for that traffic effect the eye esp melting me i might go on that but and ride on to see that movies if only i am in SEOUL hey what about USA uh????

[06-21] Military Music Festival on 23 June

source : http://twitpic.com/9ys24t


This is to celebrate The Fallen Patriots & Veterans’ Month. Can’t wait……………..RAIN will perform with other soldiers. thank share this info i can’t wait it either

06-21] Rain’s broad shoulders makes people’s jaw drop

[21-Jun-12][Daily Sports]Rain’s broad shoulders makes people’s jaw drop during his performance in Bucheon City.

Rain (his real name, “Jung Ji Hoon” / 30) serving in the army, appeared at the military
concert as part of a local event. Rain appeared on the stage at “The military band concert with the participation of
Bucheon Citizen” held in Gyeonggi-do’s Bucheon City on 20 June He showed off himself as a fashionista by wearing a fedora, sunglasses even duringhis military service.Even though he dressed conventionally, his appearance really jumped out at people,  and his broad shoulders raised female audience’s pulse rate.This concert was intended for national meritorious men and their families, but it was  open even to the fan clubs of PR soldiers attached Defense Agency for Public
Information Services.Netizen responded, “Rain still has great taste in fashion, despite being a soldier.”
Those who saw him close up were neither more nor less than fortunate.”
Rain joined the army last October 11th, and he’ll leave the army on July 10th 2013.

Credit to Daily Sports http://news.nate.com/view/20120621n07869

English translation by화


he have such SEXY WILDE ……….BROAD SHOULDER ……..ever any women will die for that and SPEECHLESSSSSSSSSSSSSS….DROOL……screaming for that man i telling he a killer and any women see must drop to floor ahahah …



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