12-09-20 kfnmaniagoon – Rain @ Be the Star audition

21 Sep

12-09-20 kfnmaniagoon – Rain @ Be the Star audition

Credit: kfnmaniagoon

DO NOT REUP Credit: kfnmaniagoon NOTE: this was 7min long i edit please DO NOT REUP in youtube thank u !! Rain so PRECIOUS here when he smile here gosh just love him but i have to AGREED with Rain it shame of somebody trying to us his song to became Be the Star using his footage and song dance can’t even do like him it ashamed and i agreed with Rain !!…i see that guy dance Rain song it so funny he can even dance and how dear he use Rain song to show this  Be the Star audition judge on his song and dance no wondering rain could STOP LAUGH  and i AGREED with Rain it ashamed of him trying so hard to be one well can’t do !!

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