[09-24] Rain misses a military audition due to a sore back

24 Sep

[09-24] Rain misses a military audition due to a sore back

Singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), who is currently serving in the Army, was recently hospitalized due to back pain.
According to Army officials on September 24, Rain did not participate in the officers and men of the armed forces star audition ‘Be The Star,’ which was held on the same day in South Chungcheong province.Rain was going to appear at the audition as a jury member but he was suddenly hospitalized on September 23 with a sore back.
A spokesperson for the Defense Media Agency says, “We announced that Rain would not attend the audition due to back pain. We have to check the details to see how he is doing.” As a result, no one knows whether or not Rain will do his official schedules in the future. It’s not sure if he can attend the celebration for the Armed Forces Day on September 25. Army officials said, “We can’t grasp the exact situation. We will consider his health condition for his future schedules.”Rain joined the Army in November of last year and is currently serving his duty at the Defense Media Agency.

Source: Starnews //en.korea.com

OMG are u serious i HOPE NOTHING going on with but he was just on FM just fine how does he have pain in his back now i am bit worry and curious what happen to him i notice he been performer a lot  but i don’t seem to see any effect by his health of what i know his illness was kick in but what going his pain in his back uh????????????
SERIOUSLY  Rain need a REST and give him a break also i hope their NO NOTHING SERIOUS or i be so DISAPPOINTMENT here

[09-24] Rain is hospitalized on account of damaged discs in his spine

Rain is hospitalized on account of damaged discs in his spine.
As a result, he was absent for a military audition competitionSinger Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) went into the hospital to undergo tests for a sudden pain in his back last night. Rain was going to be commissioned to be a member of the judging panel for the “Be The Star” finals, a military audition competition, but he wasn’t able to attend the finals due to the back pain. Defense Media Agency officials expressed, “Rain was going to be invited to be a member of the judging panel for the “Be The Star” finals, but he was complaining of pain in the back last night and was immediately taken to hospital. He’s currently hospitalized on account of damaged discs in his spine.” Continuing, “It is also uncertain whether he will participate in an event for “Armed Forces Day” scheduled for September 25th or not because of his pain in the back.”

Meanwhile, Rain was planning to be commissioned to be a member of the judging panel for the “Be The Star” finals held in Gyeryong City’s Culture &Art Complex on the 24th, and to put on a performance to celebrate the event by singing “Hip Song” and “It’s Raining”, but he wasn’t able to attend it due to a pain in his back.

Credit to SSTV Hanyung http://sstv.hankyung.com/index.h … d=16&nid=153744
English translation by 화니.

GOSH i got scare for a little BIT WHAOOOOOOOOOOOO~
he fine and i happy to it just habitual thing with him.” “Rain is taking medication, taking to physical therapy in a hospital. There are no serious problems with his health. If he rests in the hospital for the time being, he’ll recover from his illness. He’ll normally finish military duty after treatment.” PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE let Rain REST WELL he need that REST very bad if i am their i be his NURSE and took care of him for 24/7 i am serious as well I HOPE U REST GOOD and GET WELL SOON rain !!


i hope it nothing serious so
I have mild bulging discs. They will soon begin to deteriorate but with proper exercise and diet it should be fine. I pray that its nothing serious… i hope it was to serious either but again i hate to say DEMA overworked him too much  TO HOW COME THEY not KNOW RAIN previous back habit unless they know did on propose   but i don’t say it was propose  think they want to hurt but if found out that they already knew this keep put him to much i going to KNOCK him down it very sad to hear he have this and have that pain for over work and performance they SHOULD reconsidering his HEALTH important same to Rain why is he said anything to them but instead he want to give his happy i am not blame rain for it just that that is rain always want to give his best and sallow the pain in him he should listing to his family and friend  took easy don’t to much and to DEMA overworked him too much they should never put him in hectic schedule again either it TO MUCH for rain goshhhhhhhhhh

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