31-Aug-12][Yonhap News]Rain’ll put on a performance to celebrate Black Eagle’s championship tomorrow

31 Aug

31-Aug-12][Yonhap News]Rain’ll put on a performance to celebrate Black Eagle’s championship tomorrow

An Air Force spokesman said on the 31st, “With more than 5,200 people such as the public, airmen, government officials, national defense officials, etc. in attendance, ‘Black Eagle Air Show With The People’ will be held at Seoul Airport in Seongnam City on September 1st.” The Air Force’s peculiar aerobatic team “Black Eagle” attended an air show in UK, which was held from June 30th until July 15th, and won the first prize with an award as the most popular team. On the first of next month, an aerobatic display to celebrate their championship will be followed by celebrations with a concert featuring singer Rain belonging to the Defense Media Agency, with military band’s performances, and with Black Eagle pilots’ signing event for their fans.

Credit to Yonhap News http://media.daum.net/politics/others/newsview?newsid=20120831093914695

Brief translation by 화니

oh this sound interesting i wish Rain would be the one who show in that move  of the black eagle i would to see the FLYING across Seoul eekkeekk but it good to know he their and performance also looking forward to see it  btw.. congrats to became  Corporal Rain

[Pic Form Twitter]

@kokkoya twitter

24日の待ってる間にピースしてくれた写真^^お友達が撮ってくれてた!!! http://pic.twitter.com/yPWqQeLY@29rain

LOVE HIS SEXY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even just look far from his shadow u can see hoe HANDSOME he is my solider man ekekek congrats rain

Rain ~[MV]~Congratulations (Jung Ji hoon)~ CORPORAL~


CONGRATS to this amaze and who always amaze and ease all your Hard_worker u have dome for pass half way Month serving Army Rain i just SO PROUD of u really !!! i very INSPIRE by so much who are so dictated to work and army service so this vid is SPECIAL treat i make for u i hope u see and enjoy watching this all the contribute i put them for pass Month u done and performance for us and fans be happy see u still active and i know u are happy what u doing too !!


HI 비 그냥 잘 하사 된 것으로 DESERVED SPECIAL & honor 주셔서 여러분에게 공유 할 dedicated 방법을 지원 fanvid 당신에게 SPECIAL fanmade 쇼를 중단 ~

CONGTRAT이 놀라게하고 always 놀라게과 당신의 Hard_worker U 정말! U 중 정말 자랑스러워 육군 비 전을 제공하는 패스 반 방식의 달 돔이 쉽게 누구 한테! 나는 아주이 화상은 SPECIAL U보고이를 보며 즐길 수있는 모든 우리 난 패스 월 U 짓 성능을 넣어 기여하고 팬이 될 희망이 UI 있도록 처리하도록하므로 작업 dedicated 군대 서비스를하는 자 이렇게 많이 영감을 행복은 U가 여전히 살아보고 난 U도하고 U 어떤 행복 알고!

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