[08-23] Rain s R2B: Return to Base To Open in 13 Cities in North America

22 Aug

[08-23] Rain s R2B: Return to Base To Open in 13 Cities in North America


After opening in North America, the movie will expand to other continents with 30 countries already set to screen the movie.
The movie stars Rain, Kim Sung Soo, Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Joon Sang and more and premiered in Korea on August 14.
Photo Credit: CJ E&M
Rain′s ‘R2B: Return to Base’ To Open in 13 Cities in North America
2012-08-22 23:00  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung
Translation Credit : Stewart Ho
R2B: Return to Base is set to ‘fly’ into theaters in North America.

Beginning on August 24, the jet pilot action movie will screen in theaters in LA, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Honolulu, Toronto and Vancouver. The movie will also screen in Chicago beginning on August 31.

“Lt. Jung TaeHoon”, by Eare Sanko of the Rain[eare] blog, in Japan.

[08-22] 120822 Rain R2B banner on rainyent facebook

Credit: rainyent @ fb

that is Beautiful image of Rain i love the NAVY of him so handsome !! pilot…..Flight Lieutenant JTH.

 [Pic]12-08-22 R2B: Return to Basesource : R2B_2012 twitter

source : R2B_2012 twitter

OMG it is RAIN !!!!!!!!!
that shirt i he wear in one FM 2010 ahahahah and also was that shirt he wear after LOVE SONG performance too MERCY LOVE THAT shirt on him so sexy !!
he SURPRISE his fan watching R2B
they animatedly took his pic their i am SO HAPPY so him and his co-cast ON STAGE here make my day but my thought about R2B

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