20728_Rain @ Yeosu Expo _LOVE SONG _HIP SONG _Rain Interview (Eng Sub)

29 Jul

20728_Rain @ Yeosu Expo _LOVE SONG _HIP SONG _Rain Interview (Eng Sub)

thank for share HOT PIC overload  here i could get enough of him i want more ahahah….Rain just so amazing i love watching him during performance he sure the best he pouring in Army ahahahah really the KING own his stage ahahah….. THIS IS HIP SONG ROCK Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!…..SPLENDID performance and BLOW his fans away with an excited LOVE SONG _along with HIP SONG and give such amazing CODE of his style outfit that make all his fan ROCK and drooling with his HOT STAGE !! … if not wrong I Do & It’s Raining might be add into this performance if up i post it ~!


DO NOT REUP in Youtube _Credit: duam …..source  http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipViewByVid.do?vid=kiLWaMMz17E$
120728_Rain @ Yeosu Expo K-pop Special Concert_LOVE SONG
Edit &  Credit : ynks14 DCinsdie Wonder Girls Gallery BY 김또임
CR: by Expo2012YeosuKorea_Rain Interview_English translation by 화니

[07-29] ‎12-07-28 Rain with Hongshi

source :

A.move BIG!! NEWS!! アジアを超えて全世界で 有名な超‼超‼BIG STAR☆彡 RAIN(ピ)さんからA.moveに応援の 写真です。 RAIN!!Hongshi!! ファイティング‼ ありがとうございます。 pic.twitter.com/JDT1b85r

oh gosh he SO DIFFERENT then expect his eye are so different and his face and look so mature he does LOOK Tried here or just me??????????

i hope not what i think oh Rain please took care yourself i i remember outfit he have wear to  @ Kyunghee University 2009 it remind me he performance that concert his BODY SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the tan on him yummy!!!!!!

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