[25-Sep-12][Daily Sports]Rain, “It’s just simple chronic back pain, I’ll serve in the army although I break my back

25 Sep

[25-Sep-12][Daily Sports]Rain, “It’s just simple chronic back pain, I’ll serve in the army although I break my back

Rain’s agency has officially announced its position on the current state of affairs in a situation where all kinds of suspicion and speculation ran rampant about how singer Rain’s lower back is. On his official homepage on the 25th, Rain’s agency set out its official position on the issue, ” ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain) has got a bad back since before enlistment, so he has continually received treatment for the pain. It’s just simple chronic back pain, so he has no difficulty at all in serving in the army. Therefore, he cannot ever think of being invalided out of the army, and he must probably want to proudly leave the army even though he breaks his back.” Jung Ji Hoon” was complaining of pain in the back on the afternoon of the 23rd and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital with permission from a military surgeon. He was planning to be commissioned to be a member of the judging panel for the “Be The Star” finals held in Gyeryong City’s Culture &Art Complex on the 24th, but he was absent for the event, and he wasn’t able to participate even in an event for “Armed Forces Day” scheduled for September 25th.

Credit to Daily Sports http://news.nate.com/view/20120925n27226

English translation by 화니

130412_Rain (bi) ENG SUB @ new

i hope rain get a lot better treatment today fell much better and more relaxing i also understand his want continue finish his duties..yes i know right!! i read that also say on the news were posted about Rain. that Rain might have a premature discharge from the military but when i read on other new he did not want to discharge yet he still served his ARMY no matter what happen i sere why the article are spread like crazy for does not know the write official u can see from RATOKA she post official one and accurate as well i read new today he not DISCHARGE the reason why coz he want to fulfill his duties to complete it for other duties took and learn his present what get rain into this army not to mention that on interview he state fulfilling his military duties voluntarily is a guiding star to a lot of young people, so he has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for MMA. We hope him to endeavor to promote the conscription to help to establish a healthy military culture. For this reason, ‘Kim Young Hoo’, the head of MMA, swears into pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’. April 10, 2012.”….. but i understand that part rain is hard person who keep want to give his best performance for his fan to be happy but not just him although we know he KING STAGE i felt a little bad about him coz he did took care hid health but but of curse he healthily person his condition was not to serious what it was confirm it say “It’s just simple chronic back pain but that was been have before he even enter ARMY served however i believed in him who can SURPASS that pain but i prefer RAIN took a break from performance for a bit so his body well more relaxing and better feel… i see why Rain want to stay coz ,it very value to military duties more than anything at this point and you wanted to complete it with with great of honor so i respect him very well

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