[09-20] Rain Performs for His Fans at Military Event in Seoul

21 Sep

[09-20] Rain Performs for His Fans at Military Event in Seoul

Rain, who currently serves as a PR agent at the Defense Media Agency (DEMA), appeared at the military marathon event held on September 15 in Seoul, and presented his fans and participants with a grand performance. DEMA′s official blog ′Harmony′ uploaded on September 20 photos of Rain performing this day at the event For his performance, Rain had donned a black t-shirt and jeans, topped off with a beanie, and showed off his trademark charisma in a series of performances. Many Japanese fans who had traveled to Korea to see Rain perform stood out in the audience and cheered for Rain. Rain performed alongside his fellow PR agents, including Yoo Gun, Untouchable′s Sleepy and D-Action and KCM. Rain only performed onstage without running for the actual marathon. Ever since he was transferred to DEMA in March, Rain has performed in a number of military performances.  Soon after his transfer he was sent to Vietnam to perform at the concert celebrating 20 years of diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam.  Rain′s fans swarmed the airports to see the DEMA crew arrive, making great issues in both countries. Rain then performed in a Children′s Day event in May, and on June 16 appeared at the Yeosu Expo for a special K-Pop performance hosted by DEMA. More regularly, he performs for Friends FM′s Morale Train. Despite his many performances, it has been hard to see the singer performing in Seoul, causing many fans to show their interest in his most recent performance. Rain also currently hosts the weekend show on Friends FM, Rain and KCM′s Speeding Instinct.

Photo credit: DEMA′s official blog
source : enewsworld

i am so happy they travel just to see i bet many of his fan very MISS him from SEOUL & JAPAN so much i know that japan very love and always keep him like warm family to their COUNTRY esp when ever he their they always support SHOW him SO MUCH LOVE that how devotion of them to be this close and see rain i bet some are even more excited to see how our man doing and his healthy he look he been quite busy he sure bust out a lot amazing performance they very love rain i am SALUTED for those are their for him how i wish i be like them to get very closer to him too and yes they are singing along with just to prof he is very special and love him i have never see any IDOL ARTIST that bring so much DELIGHT in this world rain simply the best and Number #1 ever

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