12-09-19 KFN TV – Rain @ Consolatory Train

19 Sep

12-09-19 KFN TV – Rain @ Consolatory Train

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HE LOOKING AMAZING hot hot hot HOT that our Corporal Ji hoon he know how to make his audience scream and ROCK and enjoy his performs

12-09-19 Yeongnam _Rain @ 6.25 62nd Anniversary Military Concert for Daegu

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he so HANDSOME AND SEXY that MCM he wearing he jut so amazing love how he always STUNNING his look

12-09-19 Yeongnam news_Rain @ 6.25 62nd Anniversary Military Concert for Daegu

[19-Sep-12][Daily Youngnam]It seems like Rain’s popularity will never end.

With citizens in attendance, a military concert hosted by the 2nd Joint Military Operations for Daegu city’s successful management of the 93 National Athletics Meeting, was held at the Daegu Culture&Art Center on the evening of the 18th. During this concert, the military band and symphony orchestra belonging to the 2nd Joint Military Operations, the municipal choir, tenor “Lee Hyun”, soprano “Kim Hye Kyung”, soprano “Han Kyung Mi”, and “Junng Ji Hoon”(singer Rain) & “Kang Chnag Mo”(KCM) belonging to the Defense Media Agency, put great performances. In particular, corporal “Jung Ji Hoon” (Rain) showed off splendid performance and got his home and foreign who came from distant places screaming.


that is our KING OF STAGE and yes he pouring all his sexiness and amazing hot performance to his audience of curse they love him and even men crazy and ROCK with not just fangril but apparently fanboys are Wilde and excited with Rain u can here the screaming and sing his HIP SONG …. loud with all his nursing in he MAKE ARMY became best that what inspiration he is and what he love to do keep himself as entertainment and this what rain love it i he  to give MAGNIFICENT performance and BLOW U MIND AWAY he give it all best and SPLENDID …WHAT U SEE IS WHAT U GET ahahahah please enjoy more of rain ekekekeke    🙂

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