[09-15] 120915 Rain @ The 9th Korea Defence Daily Comrade Marathon

15 Sep

[09-15] 120915 Rain @ The 9th Korea Defence Daily Comrade Marathon

credit: charlotte璐 @ weibo
English Translation by scorpiola

Credit: wantan0625

credit: charlotte璐 @ weibo

English Translation by scorpiola


Rain just came out for interview, then he took the out uniform off and wore short sleeves


THANK DEAR for sharing update rain  already arrived i can’t wait to see him performance and hopefully their and  interview vid on this too
Rain looking GOOD here and Healthy as well

[09-15] 120915 Rain @ The 9th Comrade-In-Arms Marathon event

credit : @kazusan0601

he just SO HOT in this look but not his hat ahahhaha i want to him walking around me with that  CASUAL LOOK

from Yeouido. :) (Images credit: JINJH_2625@Twitter)

gosh rain every time i see his tongue come come it just so SEXY and a sensual naughty though of your mind u know many think can pop-up in your mind what a tease i bet he know how women felt toward that GIF that why he always do often now that see it very love see him do that even just so fast ekekek naughty … naughty..!! :P )

AWAWAWAWAW i am with you u said stubble. that RIGHT!!!
i love see him subble it been a while back he did have that now u can see it here again so dangerously i am SPEECHLESSNESS

ocker and Scorpiolabi Bi shared a link.

비 전우마라톤 공연, 군인의 패기로 ‘더욱 파워 넘치는 무대’


  • ‎[15-Sep-12][Star News]Rain overwhelms the audience with his powerful performance at the Cormade-In-Arms Marathon.Singer Rain gave a performance at the Cormade-In-Arms Marathon, which attracted the attention. The 9th Cormade-In-Arms Marathon was held under the sponsorship of the Defense Media Agency in a park at the Han River in Seoul’s Yeouido on the 15th.In particular, Rain serving in the army, performed in special highlights in front of a lot of fans for the first time in a long time.When Rain turned it on many performance to fans and charmed them with his refined stage manners while showing his dignity, he received an enthusiastic response.Also, PR soldiers such as “Yim Joo Howan”, “Kang Chang Mo”, “Lee Joon Hyuk”, etc. participated in the event as well as girl group 9Muses in the character of Ambassador for the event. The event, that is the annual event managed by the Defense Media Agency, was celebrating its ninth anniversary this year, where more then 5,100 people such as active duty soldiers, soldiers serving a tour of duty with the Army in South Korea, general people, etc. participated.

    Credit to StarN News http://star.fnnews.com/news/index.html?no=124899

    Photo credit : as tagged.

    English translation by 화니.

    [07-Sep-12][Hankyung News]Rain’s reasonable scathing remark during an audition to ‘Be The Star’.

    awawaw that right RAIN sure POURING all over u can see how he such tease ans charming and hot i mean when ever he show his stage fans always excited he SHOWING in ARMY

    edit: Issue Daily)
    CR: cloudUSA by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^

    Saturday the 15th in Yeouido, Rain sports some red Allstars. (Source credit: Issue Daily)


    handsome Rain, his tongue, Kevin Ra, and JoonYup Lee, . Thanks for sharing, Kevin. (Image credit: Gangyoon Kevin Ra @Facebook)

    °that tongue of him are so yummy :P ) that make my mind think pervert way you are so BAD BAD KITTY rain such a teaser u bad BAD BOY~!! :p)

    12-09-16 Y-Star News_Rain, Wear ‘military uniform’

    12-09-16 Y-Star News_Rain, Wear ‘military uniform’ world star ‘majesty’
    credit : ystarchannel4

    POURING in ARMY u can see how stunned those men screaming and sing and love him his presence just CAPTIVATING them with DIFFIDENTLY of his fans he sexy to hot no wondering nobody can die for this men ahahahha  he is bad kitty today such amazing performance and naughty  move and tongue here awawaw killing me rain

    12-09-15 Fancam – Rain @ The 9th Comrade-In-Arms

    (Images Credit: DEMA.mil.kr)
    Rain Pfc Corporal

    Park HyoShin,


    1 pic was SO STUNNING that killer smile he talking just blow that Whistle ~
    ekekekek gawd!!!!!! look at him the way he handle that mic so sexy and firm his hand so warm i am telling ya…. how i wish i am that MIC and have his eye stare at me and just melting here awwaaw :P

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