[09-08] Rain’s reasonable scathing remark during an audition to ‘Be The Star’.

8 Sep

[09-08] Rain’s reasonable scathing remark during an audition to ‘Be The Star’.

[07-Sep-12][Hankyung News]Rain’s reasonable scathing remark during an audition to ‘Be The Star’.

he final qualifying competition of military audition program “Be The Star” was held at KT&G Center in Kanghwa-do last 6th.
Rain who was invited to be a member of the judging panel for military audition program ‘Be The Star’ for the first time, gave outspoken comments, which made every performer tense. Rain expressed his opinions “How you seek your own style is crucial. I am inclined to hate imitating the voice of somebody.” Also, he gave tips to Pfc “Yang Ji Hoon” who sang his hit song “How To Avoid The Sun”, “Basically, there is nothing “Ji Hoon” can’t do. Please don’t take my color from my voice. You probably should have performed by concentrating on signing rather than dancing.”

Credit to Hankyung News http://sstv.hankyung.com/index.h … d=16&nid=151504

Brief translation by 화니

i know RIGHT !!!
seriously he could even move and dancing right how could he use  Rain INMATE OMG i would be not please it either  this is very POOR Judgement I have ever see i would hate if i see other underground or not use his voice and dance to imitated FAMOUS star i and they give that i would be embarrassed ever /…..i SURPRISE that  Rain honest told the true and u know what it already some lesson to other i have see try to copy his song also it very make them a filter it the true … yes Rain is been PERCEPTIONAL from top to bottom singing dancing move u can just use it like that HECK NO!!!!!! I FELT SORRY for him and i agreed u have to own TRUE COLOR to be able hit your chart and became famous
this is of the reason Rain so GOOD in performance and choreographer coz he learn so much to where he get to been WORLD STAR…

120907 KFN TV Rain @ Be the Star audition Edit

he could say hmmmm is it my turn to be a speaker Man yet ahahahah Joke on side …. but he seem, be thinking’s of something here is he !!

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