RAIN 120820 태양가까이 (‘R2B Return to Base’) OST Official

20 Aug

RAIN 120820 태양가까이 (‘R2B Return to Base’) OST Official

[08-20] [Pic] R2B: Retuen to Base OST Cap picture

[Pic] R2B: Retuen to Base OST Cap picture

Cap by ratoka

by 마징가……..RAIN 120800   태양가까이  (‘R2B Return to Base’ OST) Official
Korea’s ‘Top Gun,’ ‘R2B: Return to Base’ surprised buyers abroad and was sold to 30 countries.

Among these 30 countries are Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, India, Turkey, and Mongolia.

Distributor CJ Entertainment revealed, “Foreign buyers expressed large interest at the fact that Korea, not Hollywood, implemented an airplane action film. Through its main trailer, ‘R2B: Return to Base’ shocked buyers with its top-notch graphics and impressive action.”
‘R2B: Return to Base’ grabbed the hearts of fans from Asia, as an Asia premiere took place on the 14th at CGV Yongsan. The event was prepared with English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles for the fans to enjoy.
R2B: Return to Base’ begins with South Korea’s heart Seoul on the verge of attack by North Korea with the appearance of fighter planes at the border between South Korea and North Korea. The film is the story of the informal plan created by a team of South Korea’s fighter wing in order to protect the 63 Building, Han River, and Won Hyo Bridge among other landmarks.’R2B: Return to Base’ will be released on the 15th in Korea and on the 24th in the US and Canada.

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thank u so much for this amazing pic he truly actor and show many character in him his versatile are so talent that he can transform anything he can acting in he always get me all the time from inside ..out he know how to play the ROLE of the line that what make him so SPECIAL that many learn so much his work i can be best MEGA STAR that anybody could SURPASS like Rain and yea that expression just BLOW ME AWAY and that acting of his  Skill he just BRING to LEVEL  an true  best HUMILITY in this WORLD i could agreed more he just amazing indeed PERSONA we ACURA acting
i love ever bit of him from serious, funny, silly, action fighter ect.. u name what else he could bring to his CHART ahahahahah SIMPLY THE BEST OF BEST !!

[08-21] 120815 Fan Culture_R2B: Return to Base Premiere

Credit: FancultureNet @ youtube

thank u sharing this i never get tried watching R2B i just wondering right now how the raking doing now ahahaha i wish this MOVIES will success and make good box office aja aja fighting

[08-21] 120808 Korea Times_R2B: Return To Base Premiere

Credit: TheChPM @ youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?fea … d&v=asolgXWDF4Q

CHINGU !!! i hear you i hear you chingu ME TOO !! i am sad he not around to do his PROMO and we miss him in media and show up among all his co-cast worker together i know how it felt without him they should at lease somehow let him be their to his PROMO but just ARMY STRICT RULE he could not even attend yet he serving his Army as well he sad that he even mention he did get to be their too and i felt how much he want to see his fans among just his worker too it be so different if Rain where their i pretty sure i so miss him also !!

[08-21] 120817 news1_R2B: Return To Base Premiere

Credit: news1korea @ youtube

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