Return 2 Base that Rain starred in presold to 30 countries including England and U.S

14 Aug

12-08-12 MBC – Section TV_R2B: Return to Base Premiere


[13-Aug-12][kpopstarz]’Section TV’ Shin Se Kyung “I Will Personally Cherish The Kiss Scene With Rain”

Actress Shin Se Kyung talked about her kiss scene with Rain.

On MBC program “Section TV Entertainment Relay” that aired on Sunday, the actors of the action movie “R2B: Return To Base” that is to air on the 15th, met up. Actors Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Ha Na, and Lee Jong Suk were on the program.After finishing the VIP screening, they had an interview with Section TV. Shin Se Kyung said, “I just watch the movie, but the kiss scene with Jung Ji Hoon was completely edited out. After watching the movie, I think I know why it was taken out. But still to have a kiss scene wouldn’t be weird,” and made people laugh.
The fellow actors asked if the footage can be shown. Shin Se Kyung stated, “I told the director that I want to cherish it personally,” and made people laugh.
Meanwhile, on “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” world renowned soprano Jo Soo Mi had an interview during “Rising Star.” The actors of the Wednesday Thursday drama “Arang and the Magistrate” also had an interview.

source : kpopstarz

SO FUNNY LOL… NOTE: if the translation up i post thank u watching  his i see they CHEER for Rain i am so happy wish R2B succeeds in theater oh man 3 more here 2 more in SEOUL…. i am excited to hear the encounter of his fans after they watch this ! i am sad they complete DELETE that Kiss scen why shooting in first place grrrrrrrrrrr

Return 2 Base that Rain starred in presold to 30 countries including England and U.S

The movie, R2B: Return to Base that singer Rain filmed before entering the army, will be sold to 30 countries abroad.The investing and distributing company, CJ E&M, revealed on August 13, “R2B: Return To Base has already been sold to 30 countries including Thailand, Taiwan, India and other parts of Asia as well as England, France, Germany, Canada, and U.S.”The movie is about the young pilot (played by Rain) of Korea’s Black Eagles unit struggling to stop the attacks from an unknown combat plane through the unofficial strategy: Return 2 Base. Before its actual release, fans from Asia will be invited to Yongsan CGV on August 14 and will watch the movie with English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles.


  • Source: Starnews
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  • THANK CHINGU share this with me HUG! i am so happy   ABOUT this GOOD NEW ya…. now their chance for 30 Countries can watch i can’t wait to arrival in US awesome

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