Rain R2B Mad Exzpression from

24 Jul

Rain R2B  Mad Exzpression from R2B: Return to Base

credits: RAINY Entertainment @Twitter / R2B: Return to Base @Twitter. FOR LARGER PICS: Go directly to the source Twitters. Thanks.)

AyeEW5fCQAI4uIX.jpg large
that expression MELTING me as for Rain he stole my like this as in men show mad face across his anger to other i would HATE…………..to see it BUT when come to Rain i found it so cute and instead i love it he just melting like a baby boy who just chuckle me ASAP i see it ahahahhaah yea… i would love to see more this look he is one kind that no man can be like in my heart he just PRICELESSSSSSSSSSSSS
Cerine Zen @Rain Fanar

yes she very creative and her graphic are talent indeed i am loving her art work not just that even her fanmade vid are so nice !!

[HQ]12-07-24 R2B: Return to Base Picture

07-22] [HD+longer]120721 CGV_Weekend N Movie_R2B: Return To Base

Credit: Recorded by scorpiola // scorpiolabi1 @ youtube

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