[07-12] Rain Proved Talent in Pilot Gravity Tests for ‘R2B

11 Jul

[07-12] Rain Proved Talent in Pilot Gravity Tests for ‘R2B

[12-Jul-12][enewsworld]Rain Proved Talent in Pilot Gravity Tests for ‘R2B: Return to Base’

The cast of R2B: Return to Base shared that a majority of them had fainted at least once for the film. Yu Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Ha Na, Lee Jong Seok and Jung Seok Won attended the showcase for the film held on July 9 in Seoul and talked about what happened to them during filming. All of the actors had to get through the gravity test, a real training procedure taken by pilots. The actors all agreed that the gravity test was the most difficult of all. Yu Jun Sang said, “I can’t forget when we went through real training used for pilots. I fainted twice during the gravity test, and I finally succeeded on my third try.” Lee Jong Seok also fainted once. “I became so afraid after fainting once, but after seeing Yu Jun Sang sunbaenim (senior) try three times, I drew up my courage and succeeded on my next try.”
Lee Ha Na wasn’t left out.  She said, “I fainted once, but fortunately it didn’t feel too bad. I succeeded on my next try. I learned that I had been living an easy life while shooting this film. I can’t forget how I felt the moment I set foot on ground again after I had come down from a fighter plane flight.” “I also thought the gravity test was the hardest,” Kim Sung Soo said.  Kim Sung Soo, however, succeeded on his first try without fainting, and the film’s main lead Rain also got through the test without fainting. Rain wasn’t available at the showcase for comment due to his military duties Kim Sung Soo said, “In the gravity test, I endured 6G. There was no need for us to train any more, but Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) tried again with 9G, and succeeded. They said that only one percent of all air force pilots can endure 9G.” Rain received the 6G and 9G test on the same day, but because of the hard-core tests his toes wouldn’t move and some small veins burst on the next day.=“They said that it was the first time in Air Force history that someone succeeded on his third try after two failures, or received the 6G and 9G test on the same day,” Kim Sung Soo finished. R2B: Return to Base is Korea’s first flight action film. It is about what happens in the Air Force when a mysterious fighter plane appears in the skies of Seoul. The film will premiere in August.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Translation Credit : Erika Kim
source : enewsworld

i know right he always make thing to happen and impossible possible. he very excited person who always SUCEED his work but he should always challenging himself to do more i was SUPRISE … he pass that gravity test, a real training procedure taken by pilots to all them JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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