[07-04] [Cloud Notice]A behind-the-scenes glimpse of

4 Jul

[07-04] [Cloud Notice]A behind-the-scenes glimpse of

12-07-04 [Cloud Notice]A behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Rain birthday support is progressed.

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.
Let us give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Rain birthday support to the  barrack Rain lives is progressed FYI, the installation of LCD PROJECTOR that was to be installed at Rain’s home, was  finished on Tuesday 3 July.  As soon as we receive a picture showing the installation process, a postscript to the  story of the process of delivering the projector will be posted. Cakes, a fruit basket, snacks, and letters were going to be delivered to the barrack on  his birthday, but there were a few changes in plans and so cup cakes, cookies,  sandwiches, skewered food, beverages, T shirts & scarf, and letters were delivered.  We must apologize to you for not letting you know beforehand. In the picture, there are hand-made cup cakes and cookies provided by Rain fan cafe  “benamoo”s member “Love Stick B” It is said she poured her heart into cooking those things for Rain, and thankfully, she  made other things and send them even to Rainy Entertainment, but unfortunately,  we were busy to take a picture of the things that were delivered to Rainy Entertainment.  We apologize for this mistake. And, sandwiches to eat between meals consist of waffles, so they look more lovely. 20 sets of oriental waffle sandwiches, waffle sandwiches with grilled beef, fresh-squeezed  juices, topokki brochettes, seasoned spicy chicken brochettes, and chicken brochettes  with soy sauce, each, were prepared. As a personal gift for him, only the projector was supposed to be sent to him,  but T shirts and a scarf were also send to him without your consent. We apologize for this.  And, Japanese cookies and letters of congratulation provided by Japan’s fans were  delivered to him. Even their letters by email and mail were printed out and delivered to him. We want to extend our gratitude to all those who took part. Individual cup ice creams were also delivered, but we’re sorry not to have taken a  picture of them.  Rain fan site “benamoo”, “Love Stick B”, and ‘In Rain”, thank all of you for helping to
support such activities. A postscript to the story of the process of delivering the projector will be posted soon.

Thank you.
source: http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/comm … _what=&keyword=

DON’T apologize   “benamoo” AT ALL we understand and we just PROUD of u dictated to Rain is much enough then i expect this i ENVY all u have come put this together got Rain so many thing for his Birthday it u are so LOYALTY and i could thank more enough it ok you told us late it better then we don’t know at all i am just happy to know u always their support Rain that truly fan club of Rain he must so happy have u do this for him  LCD PROJECTOR are expansive but all this give he was very BLESS by his fans all over !! and THANK U for all this cake , snake ect…this so amazing so TOUCH me even more !!

NEW FanArt by me

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