[07-03] Update on Petition Letter

2 Jul

[07-03] Update on Petition Letter

credit Redcloud @ RainLegend

As posted by huhuhuhu @ TheCloud
http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/comm … page=1&ref=1978

The final petition letter contained 583 names from 24 countries/regions.

Both email and fax had been unsuccessful.  So I sent off the letter by EMS today to the following personnel suggested by Korean clouds:

Mr. Choi Uiseong
External Cooperation Team
Defense Media Agency

Mr. Lee Gwangsun
Public Relations Officer, Spokesperson
Ministry of National Defense

(According to Korean clouds, Mr. Lee “has a commission to directly amend Rain’s schedule”)

A copy of the letter was also sent by EMS to Rainy Entertainment for their reference.

The letter was emailed to the Cloud Executive per their notice.

Thank you for those who supported this.


thank u for hard-work
and i very appreciated  u do this for us and all the cloud i could thank u enough of this and so much for update aja aja fighting thank chingu !


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