[06-28] Rain Military poster

28 Jun

[06-28] Rain Military poster

i think he must took this when he was think i miss this look of him but i also love him thick but to to chubby if u know what i mean well it willlosse it up anyway i love  this poster i wonder what he present of hmmmmmmmmmmm he look so beautiful like an ANGEL and yes he never age a bit the older he get the YOUNGER is whaooooooooooooo LOVE IT !!

i first saw this in youtube brothers are all lined up reminded me of the patriotism of it all… the first thing got into m,y mind is seeing Rain in actual film and an hero and yet a story profiling the US Navy Seals and their skills with some actual active duty i just want to see-and all what he doing in the Army aside just performance like how Rainy ay Mnet did for Rain a story for this that would GOOD to be another eye catch to Rain working around his duties what i think and put in my though is i imagine he show of some hero who have FULFILL his duties and be honored … that was grap my attention so much when see all 7 walk like it in actual movie ahahahha

oh man RAIN u got the sexy HOT BROAD SHOULDER ever a mean have to be so PERFECT whaoooooooooooo i am aksing just want to gra behinbd his back and hug the heack out until i can’t breath or he just pick me up and put on his shoulder ahashahah *Die*

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