[06-07] [Info] Rain will participate in military concert with the

8 Jun

[06-07] [Info] Rain will participate in military concert with the


IF THIS is happen now a day nothing just entertainment and performs i would so happy coz i very want to know how he doing and keep his body so motivated in Army and yet i like this way Rain still have connection with his fans and Media &* new all over even the man on Army Duty but could resist out to Entertainer  ahahahah LOl…

[06-08] [HD Fancams]120601 Consolatory Train in Jeju


120602 RAIN (bi) walking on the beach in Jeju

YUP exactly and and from that true smile of him have bring many fans of touch and love Rain even much more his smile have melting thousand of peoples and fans who ever see in him ahahaha about the ring i know he mention he loss that Ring it by his Mother who give it to him and he said he Loss in one of the Hotel if am not wrong and it sad that only ring from her to him i would so sad then anything that only thing she left for Rain and i know how much he felt for his Mon …

[06-08] Rain June 2012 schedule

Rain June 2012 schedule09 June /   Rain will participate in The 6th Roly Poly (&) One Mind Festival in ‘Pocheon’s ‘Yldong’16 June / Rain will participate in ‘the 2012 World Exposition In Yeosu’

20 June / Rain will participate in Military concert with the participation of Bucheon citizens

23 June / Rain will participate in Military Music Festival will be held in Gongjoo City

Rain surly STOLE the entertainment here full scheduled on this Month and performs he must be so busy and tried i hope he rest wellI AM WITH…. i hope they give Rain a day of his Special Day HIS BRITHDAY perfect or at least 2-3 if impossible happen Rain have do so much for Army and he deserved this !

[06-08] 120803 Skeleton Unison Festival (The 3rd Infantry Division Consolatory T

Skeleton Unison Festival (The 3rd Infantry Division Consolatory Train)
Pic Source: areurain @ twitter

[06-08] [ihknews]’Baekgol’ Harmony Festival.8/3 ‘Baekgol’ Harmony Festival (The 3rd Infantry Division Consolatory Train)

Unit ‘Baekgol’ will hold ‘Baekgol Harmony Festival’ to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of its creation.

(The meaning of Baekgol : skeleton)

*Schedule : August 3-5 (two nights and three days)

*Location : Hwakang Cultural Center, Shree Park, each of military posts.

*Host : The 3rd Infantry Division (제3보병사단) , Cheorwon-gun (철원군)

*Sponsorship :Organizations affiliated with the unit (Shinsegye, Samsung Electronics, and (co.) Grammy)

*Support : ‘Baekgol’ Comrade Club, Unit ‘Baekgol’ Comrade Club, March 1st *Comrade Club, Hwabaek Club, and

Phoenix Comrades.

we will get to see so often i wondering how his family sister & dad felt about this

he sure BUSY knew must  known he have make the CROWED love him so much and ROCK with him even mean AGREED with Rain perform that why they wanted  Rain keep on give his best perform and that is something Rain love and fun for him and happy same time i just happy he see him often from starting point he been perform all the way August that is TRUE WORLD STAR ahahaha

12-06-08 Rainyent & mma9090 tweet about Rain


owowo happy Rain # 1 he always be the best right on his point and yea… he make us PROUD of him even more u see only Army can know that Rain inspire that would POSTIVE…. ahahaha *Sign*

[06-03] 120602 Rain arrives at Seoul @ 6:10pm

Credit: 岗瘤备妨 @ DC

if this ever happen to me and i their knowing he will come across where i was waiting for to catch the bus whatever i would slip my camera out my hand even it so obvious to know i here to took that pic of him or not but my sentence of Rain just speak to me all and yes… that look right into are breath taking and so sexy who would say sexy esp come to women and who ever she is took this pic must have good night sweet dream i bet ya…

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