2-05-14 Rainyent tweet about Rain

16 May

2-05-14 Rainyent tweet about Rain

[Info] Rain will appear in military broadcast ‘Consolatory Train’ to be held in the Naval Academy on May 17th.

uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh this even more excited i just happy with his SCHEDULE now and then gosh we very have good connection how he doing and what he even for his fan and rest cloud know what Rain head up this i just  PROUD that they did keep Rain away from anymore…. please keep like for for L.O.N.G. time until the day he DISCHARGE sound more captivating  and fun to watch it look FORWARD to this

Fan Edited rainyent Rain pic – without glasses

Fan Edited – without glassesCredit: made by rainist // the_rainist @ twitter

Rainist 레이니스트 ‏ @the_rainist

비느 안경 벗겨버렸음 ㅎ^ㅎ http://pic.twitter.com/gWy0csTW

OMG~!! Rain so cute here so adorableness look like a baby here

oh boy i think i know what the answer he asking here AWAWAWAW ok me FIRST…yes me too i wonder how pic of this he have and will share  us later i can’t wait to see more our Rain found time to kill us here with that ADORABLENESS look

12-05-15 Rainent tweet Rain picture

source : rainyent twitter

yea………… i am happy too u just make me smile here and make my day ekekek silly Rain his personality always PRECIOUS  the same now that what i want to kiss him more awawaw

A selca photo.

Lips and tongue i want that for lunch and if it FREE i am FIRST to me in Line awawawaw

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