10 May

120510_Rain took small vacation with firend @ Apgujeong i drink Coffee


Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) is enjoying a vacation in Seoul sweet. In March, the PFC will be promoted from the first time since the holidays. The first day of vacation, rain afternoon and enjoyed a cup of tea with friends. Support Group the last eight days Sauces ratio at 306 in 2021 to attend cultural events Servicemen enlistment. Completing the official work day, yielded a scheduled holiday, at a cafe in Apgujeong acquaintances and had a leisurely afternoon tea. It because for a long time with the rest. Rain did not stop thinking about the face with a big smile. Place a glass of cool drink, a long time, fell in sammaegyeong chatter. Consciousness around the eyes did not. Took place outside the café on the terrace, so there was even taking off sunglasses

Is fully adapted to military life, thanks. The body has taken a few years old. Instead, coppery skin, sunburnt man made even more rain. The luxury of zero body fat abs ‘while’ lost, but the sleek, jaw and left no doubt a cute smile. Fashion sense was alive. The ratio was dressed in a casual day. Horizontally striped T-shirts, wore roll-house. Here the black shoes and a matching plaid beret was. Unintentional chic fashion caught the eye.The ratio of Uijeongbu 306 games last October was admitted through the Support Group. In the past two recruitment center as a teaching assistant positions in the Defense Information Service enlisted member entertainment has changed. Coming July 10, 2013 will be global.<Photo: Lee Seung Hoon news>

Boneoseukeot: “My salary is 80,000 won, but you can serve coffee”

i this this pic is new recently as well
rain in Seoul in March this year to enjoy a vacation
rain and enjoy the afternoon of the first day on vacation and friends to drink tea
rain on vacation, on the 8th participated in the 306 into the ceremony after a leisurely afternoon tea and a good friend cafe sipping cool drinks side of the rain edge thinking for a long period of time to talk non-stop, there is still a brilliant smile
There is no alert, four glasses look around and noticed outside the cafe when to wear sunglasses rain seems to adapt to army life bronzed skin from the sun’s very dark laugh very mellow An occasional day, wearing a horizontal striped t-shirt black shoes and plaid beret, fashion sense and attractive to the eye
part in the cultural festival. The formal end of the next day, made a scheduled vacation, afternoon tea and a coffee shop in Apgujeong-dong,
Returning to the rest,he wearing sunglasses
his was on 10 right after his event  SO…….. HE ON VACATION after his culture  event yesterday wowowo that good about time but it doesn’t say how long hmmmmmmmmmm????????

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