[05-07] 120505 Rain @ Military Family Children’s Day’s Event

7 May

[05-07] 120505 Rain @ Military Family Children’s Day’s Event

physical rain looking good here i glad he keep himself good contion and healthy esp he so HOT just do that push up rain whaoooooo

[05-06] Rain with PR soldiers

DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i saying my eyeball are swirling all over this man up and down top to bottom don’t let me be near u rain or …………………………… esle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[05-07] 120505 Rain @ Military Family Children’s Day’s Event


FIRST i want to said  i about melting RIGHT NOW~!! awawawawaw
gosh i can she how happy he is and that dimple of him showing oh men he just melting me away
SECOND i am happy that Rain participated this event for Child he love children so much esp GIRL he weak on that he must make that little girl felt like a daddy ahahhahaah and yes it was one of the years “Children’s Day” in Korea. In South Korea, May 5 that inspire me knowing Rain maybe in Army but he share and show his care and love to those child and u know u can see in his heart like a true father if Rain ever be have a kid he must love them and do what ever to make his kid happy uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh …. Rain stand their just so handsome along those man but my eyeball on Rain only ekekkeekke

120429 _Rainmaker Chosun TV – Defense Report 2012 (p1)

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