[18-Apr-12][nate]One picture proves Rain to be second to nobody in terms of the width of a man’s shoulders.

19 Apr

[18-Apr-12][nate]One picture proves Rain to be second to nobody in terms of the width of a man’s shoulders.

One picture proves Rain to be second to nobody in terms of the width of a man’s shoulders. There was a picture with a post saying “This picture proves Rain to be such a cool guy.” on the Internet message board of a portal site on the 18th. The picture shows a scene in a drama Rain did, where he is being carried off on a stretcher. His broad shoulders like the wideness of the South Pacific are enough to catch the eyes of netizen. His broad shoulders that fill up almost the stretcher is phenomenal. Netizen responded to the picture, “I didn’t know he had such broad shoulders.” “His inverted triangular line is awesome.” “It is hardly necessary to say, but he looks very distinguished.” Rain has served as a PR soldier in Defense Agency for Public Information Services since his enlistment last October.

English Translation by 화니


yes he is and nobody can have such a PERFECT BODY like Rain just just PERFECT who he is and yet i hope Rain never do or considering SURGERY his eye either !! CROSSING MY FINGER

12-04-19 Rain MC of the Department of Defense documentary program

MY FIRST time ever see Rain HOST in MC he so handsome i felt like he master everything he do that truly inspire me even more nowadays get to see him and hear in even just served his army that just make me happy thank u ~!!

[19-Apr-12][Chosun News]Rain to Demo Army Guns on New TV Chosun Documentary

Singer Rain, who is serving his mandatory military service, will appear in a documentary about the defense industry entitled “Defense Report 2012” on TV Chosun. He will feature in several scenes at the start and end of the program, which will be divided into three parts and will air on Saturdays at 11 p.m. from this weekend. “We cast Rain because we thought it would be more effective for the program that an active-duty soldier introduces weapons,” TV Chosun said Wednesday. The documentary looks into Korea’s weapon systems and how they compare to other countries’. It also investigates ways to develop the nation’s defense industry.

source : http://english.chosun.com

wowow!! sound something we have to see here the weapon sound strong in this one and yes he is effective coz with pfc Ji-Hoon we know he always give us best and hardworking SOLIDER ever can’t wait to see this !!

[19-Apr-12][enewsworld]Rain Becomes an MC For Military Documentary

Rain, who is currently serving out his mandatory military service, has been given his latest assignment- serving as a documentary MC!

Rain will be serving as the MC for an upcoming documentary on Korea’s defense industry. The documentary, titled Defense Report 2012, will air on cable channel TV Chosun. Defense Report 2012 will be taking an in-depth look at major defense industry organizations abroad, examine weapons systems overseas and will also take a look at the status of Korea’s defense industry and suggest the direction it should go from here. Rain will serve as the MC of the documentary while anchor Song Ji Hun will serve as its narrator. The documentary will be split into three parts and will air its first episode on April 21, its second on April 28 and finally the last part on May 5.

Photo credit: TV Chosun
source : enewsworld

sound good to me and excited to can’t wait !!

12-04-19 KFN TV – 군대재발견_Rain Talk

part 1

part 2

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