[Fancam]120317 zing.vn_Rain @ Honai Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam arrival

18 Mar

[Fancam]120317 zing.vn_Rain @ Honai Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam arrival

Source: http://www.zing.vn/news/nhac-vie … ha-noi/a240669.html // quyentkt @ youtube

OH GOSH I AM HAPPY to him and his back he sure have wilde shoulder  is he uuhhh my Rain @ kookoo i agreed dangerous hot ekekek

Rain (bi) [Fancam] 120317 zing.vn_Rain @ Honai Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam arrival

i am JUST SPEECHLESS with those fans they SHOW HIM LOVE and supporting him no matter cause  them they still be their for him NOW THIS what u said TA …. TRUE WORLD STAR even he in ARMY those just touching me with warm feeling welcome him RIGHT??

[03-19] 12-03-19 Rain @ Hanoi street

credit http://www.tiin.vn

12-03-19 Rain @ Hanoi stree ….Rain LOOK like they are on the bus here Rain seem various here ahahahhaah

Bi (Rain) at Noi Bai airport 17/03/2012

Credit: MyxdBanana @ youtube

12-03-21 Ha Noi Opera House Ticket

12-03-21 Ha Noi Opera House Ticket
MC: Rain Kim Ji Hoon
Per: KMC, Park Hyo Shincredit : rainvietnam // raincloudhk

[03-19] 12-03-19 Rain @ vietnam concert


[03-20] 120319 Rain Leaving to the hotel After Vietnam concert

[18-Mar-12][tuoitre news]S. Korean popstar Bi Rain arrives in Hanoi
Bi Rain, who has been known for his boyish good looks and smooth hip-hop dance moves, on Saturday landed in Hanoi to contribute to two military concerts to be held in the capital next week. The concerts are part of a series of cultural activities to celebrate the 20th year of diplomatic relation between Vietnam and South Korea. Bi Rain and his comrades in military uniform left through the main gate of the airport where huge crowds of local fans had been long waited for seeing him in person. There is a clip showing Bi Rain doing immigration procedures at Noi Bai airport on the local official fan club http://www.rainvietnam.com.

Bi Rain will perform at the Military theater on March 19 and at Hanoi Opera House two days later.
According to a reliable source, after the concerts, Bi Rain is expected to have an interactive session with students at Military Culture and Arts University based in the capital on March 22.

[03-20] [Acct]What happened in D.A.P.I.S where Rain serves

What happened in Defense Agency for Public Information Services where Rain serves

I’m a soldier in Defense Agency for Public Information Services.
A couple of days ago I was in the building that houses the agency, with the actor who had appeared in drama “Coffee Prince”  Pop group KCM’s Pte “Kang Chang Mo” transferred to our unit a month ago, seems to have to keep becoming a low-ranking soldier, seeing that he still washed a mop. When I had dinner a couple of days ago, I was surprised by his (the actor) unexpected appearance. I thought, “Hmmm, this person looks familiar.” I seemed to remember seeing him once, but I couldn’t place him, so I just kept staring at him with a blank look on my face as though my mind were somewhere else for a minute..When the height of the heel of his military shoe is added in, the total seems to come to 185 cm, and he is certainly a hulk of a man. It is said the other one who walked in with him is a model-turned soldier. (I think the other one is a pretty famous star, but I wonder who he is) Since they were hidden under Jihoony hyung (Rain)’s shadow, I was unaware of their existence until now. When we take a shower together, I’ll have a look at Rain’s body..

This is amazing ..
It’s cruel of Defense Agency for Public Information Services to order them to do guard duty around weapons stores as soon as they came.
When Rain told me, “Mister! upstairs seniors have asked you not to make any noise or run.” while I was passing by, I felt very strange.
(* Mister is the name for old people, and the writter is younger than Rain)

Re-post by http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

English translation by 拳聪

ahahahah this so funny LOL….lol Miste

ahahahah this so funny LOL….lol Miste

[Fan Acct] 12-13-17 Rain at Incheon Int’l Airport

http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … ecommend=1&bbs=

I can’t believe that I saw Rain yesterday..ばばばばば After seeing him, it makes me miss him even more than usual…ばばばばば
He looked nice in military uniform as he looked like a commercial model appearing in ads
for it…It’s just a shame that I cannot think of anything else in situation where I’m so excited..—— I accessed the Internet and got information about the fact he was at the airport while I  was drinking some coffee after I arrived at the airport some time after 3pm, and suddenly I  felt so hyper..dadadada.When I asked airport officials if a group of soldiers left the country, everyone told me, “I’m not sure about that.” So I asked them again if Rain entered the departure lounge on the
off chance, then I found that he entered it a little while ago..He even didn’t get started yet ! ばばばばばば Hopefully, I might see him walking through the lounge like last time (at that time he was at
the airport to attend the Time 100 party), and my hope was not in vain.  I found him..!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was worth the one and a half hour wait, despite waiting for a total of 3 hours..hahahaha. My sudden entrance seemed to take other soldiers in the support group by surprise.. kekekekeke When I watched fan videos later, a lump came into my throat while looking at the sight of
his Vietnamese fans welcoming him warmly – they prepared well even though they were  very short on time….ばばばば You can imagine how deeply they missed him as they met  him for the first time in 5 years. Anyway, have a nice trip and be safe, Rain.~
Brief English translation by 拳聪


it SO TRUE i know how u all felt and same is this encounter as well the more u see him the more u going to miss him u am happy they give Rain a warm welcome for pass 5 yes sent last time RAIN have his concert their and their fans always with him no matter where he goes and travel from distance to distance i i know i am miss him much more EVERYDAY sent he left Military actually we all i guess but, same time i know he very make all his fan see the touch of welcome and ho w they miss him so much

[03-19] South Korean star Bi Rain to perform in Vietnam

http://www.thanhniennews.com/ind … orm-in-vietnam.aspx

South Korean star Bi Rain to perform in Vietnam

Bi Rain bidding his fans farewell before beginning his military service last October.
Vietnam will host special concerts next week featuring South Korean pop stars Bi Rain and Park Hyo-shin in honor of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.  The international sensations from South Korea, who are both currently serving their obligatory 22 months of military service, will perform at the Ho Chi Minh City Military Theater on March 19 and the Hanoi Opera House on March 21.  The stars will be accompanied by 58 members of the South Korean National Military Symphony Orchestra and 17 traditional musicians.
At least 500 tickets are available for the Ho Chi Minh City concert and 700 for the Hanoi show. Also during their stay in Vietnam, Rain and Hyo-shin will visit and perform at the Military University of Culture and Arts, the Institute of Korean Culture, the Military Theater of Song and Dance and Hanoi’s School of Korea. Rain first performed in Vietnam in 2006 and then returned in 2007 as part of his Rain World Tour (06-07) of 11 countries and territories. He is scheduled to complete his military service on July 10, 2013. The Ho Chi Minh City Military Theater is located on 140 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District; the Hanoi Opera House is located on 1 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District.

Reported by P.C.Tung, Thanh Nien News



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