120313 demaclub Rain interview pics

15 Mar

120313 demaclub Rain interview pics

Source: http://demaclub.tistory.com/692

[Video Interview] Meet with Rain, who has transferred to the Public


English Translation of the interview by huhuhuhu @ rain-cloud:

Greetings from Rain: Loyalty!  This is private first class Jung Jihoon of the Public Relations Support (PRS) team under the  National Defense Service Support.

Q. This is your 5th day at the PRS.  How do you feel?

A.  I served as Assistant Instructor at the No. 5 Division before I was transferred here.  I feel excited at the thought that I am able to give support to soldiers as a member of the PRS.

Q. You had been promoted to private first class while in the army.  We heard that your promotion was quicker than the normal case because you had been chosen as Special Warrior?

A.  It’s a man’s duty to serve the army.  Like others, I adjusted quickly to military life and did my best at all the trainings we received.  The reason to try to become a Special Warrior is none other than that you get extra holidays^^.  It’s not just me, all the soldiers had the same thought.  We gritted our teeth and worked hard.  I was not very good at long distance running, and if I might exaggerate a bit, I really ran to the extent like I put all my organs out.  It was a difficult run, I made it and became Special Warrior.  Luckily I seemed to be quite good at shooting. I got good scores (19 out of 20), so that’s why I was made Special Warrior.

Q. It is said that whoever joined the army, many thoughts came to mind the first night they had to stay up.  What thoughts did you have?

A.  Many thoughts crisscrossed in my mind.  I thought most that I am now serving not as an ordinary person but as a soldier, and I had to be absolutely loyal to our country. And I adjusted quickly without major obstacles.

Q. Was there any most memorable training while you were in the camp?

A.  All trainings were memorable.  However if I had to name a few, I would say the solid affection and friendship between us classmates, and the night march which let us understand comradeship. Our no. 1 and no. 2 teams combined to have a 100km overnight march.  We learned helping each other during difficult times.  This should remain a good memory even when I am discharged.

Q.  You worked as Assistant Instructor at No. 5 Division before your transfer.  How was an assistant instructor chosen?  How did you feel serving as Assistant Instructor?

A.  You could volunteer as an assistant instructor. You attended interviews and capable persons would be selected.  This is the first time I am teaching others as an Assistant Instructor, so I thought a lot on “how to make it easier”.  Other jobs may be difficult as well but there is no doubt that assistant instructor is a difficult job.  In order to teach others, you need to have the knowledge and be familiar with the rules.  So there is a system that we have to attend assistant instructor classes for 2, 3 months. You got your assistant instructor badge only after you passed the classes. You need to continue to study.  Everyday you slept 1 or 2 hours later than the others and you woke up 1 hour earlier than the others, because you had to be their model.  There are many difficult points.

Q.  Any changes on yourself before and after you entered the army?

A.  My patriotism has grown immensely.  Rather than thinking that serving the country is my duty, the love of my country has come out voluntarily. I feel great that I am doing a rewarding job.

Q.  Now that you are with the PRS, any particular broadcast programs that you would like to do?

A.  I worked as an artist before I joined the army and I did a lot of acting and singing.  So it seems a good experience for me to do some radio programs while serving my military duties.  As a member of the PRS, we will have lots to do and will be very busy, but I’d like to try radio broadcast programs.

Q.  We are now at the end of the interview…[/color

]A.  I am about to serve many people as a member of the PRS.  How I will do it, how many rewarding things I could do – I want to be the private first class Jung Jihoon who could give all of you support and strength.  Thank you.

Rain just amazing person inside…out that why i only LOYALTY  TO him my heart never fail ahahahah i can’t wait to see all this and more him on broadcast ect.. and concert so excited to hear this from Rain brvoooo!!

120314 _ENG SUB_Rain interview in Military @ demaclub

Trans by 화니 @ rain cloud

i glad Rain looking just as GOOD as he is and yet he will continue give us best entertainment and do this for him and his fans to see his physical condition..and he HEALTH ..I’m just feeling like so PROUD to be his cloud and yet Rain looking SHINE here i MISS U SO MUCH RAIN………..!!!!!!!!!!!

[03-14] 48th Korea Press Photo Exhibition – Rain becomes a soldier picture


all i am saying i GLAD to know guy i have see so many CELEBRITIES a lot of them trying to give their best of their achievement and acknowledge their GOLD of what they prof to their COUNTRY WISE but nothing like this man from heart to soul he will always give them HONOR EFFECT and what PERFECT he he will do what ever to show  their COUNTRY who he for Rain as for Rain he have work and give enough to even many fans and peoples yet other known and learn about will always admire him  sad think that only S.Korean could be and YES RAIN totally an HUMBLE person that i respectfully who and what he did that why i so PROUD to his cloud & fans and yes their always be reason why they love this guy so much actually after read busybee1982 post their i felt your MOVE by that and i hope they s. Korean never forget what Rain give to their country also he always  be my FIRST PRIOR DISPLAY and Many Honor he RECEIVED TO GOAL

his photo won the Excellence Award at the 48th Korea Press Photo Exhibition competition back last month, February. I read that it was on display at the Sejong Center in Seoul until last March 13.

[03-14] 12-03-14 Rain Information @ Dema website

source : http://www.dema.mil.kr/ // cap by ratoka

me here too just PERFECT no doub love it what say it u can said again !!aigoo…I must stop now before that “Hoon-Fire” gets burnin’ and I forget that I totally respect this guy…  

(Oullim blog site, demaclub.tistory.com)

°. No sir. (courtesy of RainBiLove2 and sizuku219)


[03-16] 120316 Rain @ KFN News pic

enewsWorld 3/16/2012 —

Rain to start duties as PR agent in Viet Nam

Rain will be starting his duties, as an officer at the Defense Media Agency (DEMA), in Vietnam.

A rep from DEMA revealed on March 16, “The Military Symphony Orchestra will be performing in Vietnam to celebrate 20 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam. The Orchestra will stay in Vietnam from March 17-23, and will work with military cultural diplomacy.”Rain, Epik High’s Mithra Jin (Choi Jin), Yoo Seung Chan, Park Hyo Shin, KCM (Kang Chang Mo) and actor Kim Ji Hoon will be accompanying the Orchestra. According to their schedule, the Military Symphony Orchestra and DEMA officers will be holding two concerts on March 19 and 21 for government and military officials and local residents. On March 22, they are set to perform in another concert with the Vietnamese Military Band.The events will provide the giant hallyu star Rain with an opportunity to meet with military officials and local residents in Vietnam as a soldier. Rain moved from the recruitment training center in the 5th division in Gyeonggi-do to the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan on March 12. DEMA’s profile page for PR agents updated information about Rain after his transfer on March 14. Fans have rushed to the page to leave their comments of support, leaving over 100 comments in just four days. Fans are showing their support for Rain while at the same time trying to perfect his profile by pointing out errors on the page. Rain enlisted into the army last October opting to serve in a regular army unit and was sent to the 5th division’s recruitment training center. However, on February 17 he applied for the Ministry of National Defense’s recruitment for its PR recruitment and was accepted as a PR agent on February 23.

Photo credit: DEMA’s official blog

Reach reporter Oh MiJung on Twitter @isyutar!


We are proud of you!  Private Ji Hoon  You may do it after these at what you are skilled the best! we always supporting u and u will bring us best of who u are and GOOD entertainment and best concert as well GOOD LUCK rain another deafening concert i hope this one will bring him warm coming !!


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