[POLL] Who Looks Younger in Their 30s!

13 Mar

[POLL] Who Looks Younger in Their 30s!

Vote here
http://k-popexpress.com/poll-who … r-30s/#.T13d5MXxq8C

Youngin30s Rain [POLL] Who Looks Younger in Their 30s!

Another fun and exciting week for all of us! This week, we will decide who among our Idols today (ages almost 30 and above) have the Youngest Look in their batch! Who among  them look’s so young? Who among them can still capture the heart of the crowd!Now, let us choose, Among the 10 listed below, who will win in the [POLL] Who Looks Younger in Their 30s!


OF CURSE it Rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!! he just not look younger for his age but he never age a bit he just a DEFINE looking man from top to bottom his skin FLAWLESS SMOOTH and who have baby Skin which make a lot women FALL IN LOVE with that BABY BOO Rain ahhaha he just born to be BEAUTY and GOD of Beautiful i VOTE 100% on him no bias but it TRUE !!
I VOTE!! OH YEAH BABY BOO!!! about 44% 425 VOTE let KICK SOME ASS ya….!! let keep voting for Rain

btw… it does say when this pull over and can we vote more then one ???????????

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